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Mavela Media - Kim Wolhuter
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Function as Post Production Manager and Line Producer on a 24-part wildlife TV series on Hyena clans in Zimbabwe.

To co-ordinate and manage all Post Prod teams (including 2 editors, a producer, audio manager and online/grading manager), co-ordinate all media, create and maintain all budgets, create and manage all schedules, liaise with Filmmaker in the field and with the Austrian broadcasting channel. Ensure all deliverables were met and delivered on schedule. Make selects for all stills deliverables with captions, and create closed captions for many of the episodes.

All episodes created and delivered according to the broadcast channel's requirements on time and within budget.

Filmmaker Kim Wolhuter was extremely happy with the Production Management on this project and ORF was equally happy with all the final deliverables. It was a great privilege to work with a fantastic team on such heart-warming and valuable content.


Kim, Saskia and their two-year-old daughter, Kiki Wolhuter, are a family like no other.  The place they call home can be found in the middle of the Sango Wildlife Conservancy in Zimbabwe which is also home to a vast number of amazing animals and birds, including Africa’s Big 5 : lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino and elephant.

Kim decided to document their family’s daily adventures and encounters in this pristine wildlife area – resulting in this fascinating 24-part television series.

Kim’s particular focus is on the hyena clans in this area, who he affectionately calls the ‘Spotties’.  He has been researching and working with these fascinating animals for over 20 years.  He regularly walks barefoot through the rugged (and thorny!) African bush - and has become well known for his special and unique relationship with this much misunderstood but captivating African animal.

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